Whether or not you get to undress these characters depends on how quick you are to click your mouse.

When it comes to marketing, companies in Japan have found all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to appeal to consumers, by rolling out innovative campaigns and promotions designed to make them stand out from their competitors.

Light novel publisher Dengeki Bunko has decided to grab everyone’s attention this year by adding an entertaining feature to their website, with a click game that allows visitors to undress some of their most popular female protagonists.

▼ Game characters include Kino from Kino’s Journey.

The “Lightning Attack Barrage 2017” features a variety of characters who appear fully clothed at the beginning of the game. Once you start, a timer appears on the left, counting down as the player clicks like crazy to remove clothes from the character’s frame.


Those with lightning fingers will be able to strip the character down to her underwear, clearing the game with a message of congratulations.


The game has been online since August, with four characters being released each month. Kino is one of the newest characters to become available, making her debut in the game this month.


▼ Other characters include Asuna from Sword Art Online, who debuted in September.

▼ And Zero from Grimoire of Zero, who’s been on the site since August.

To test your speed click skills, head over to the game site here. With such a variety of protagonists on their books, we can’t wait to see who’ll be appearing next in the click game over the coming months. While we’re not sure who might be next in line to reveal their underwear, it’s safe to say it probably won’t be anyone from this line of Christianity-themed light novels.

Source: Dengeki Bunko via Otakomu
Tom image: Dengeki Bunko
Images: Dengeki Bunko (1, 2, 3)