Popular restaurant chain lets you take a conveyor belt home with your takeaway!

One of the best things about eating sushi from a conveyor belt restaurant like Kappa Sushi is the chance to pick whatever you like from the revolving belt as it passes by your table.

Sadly, that’s not an ideal situation for diners wanting to stay safe during the pandemic, so a lot of restaurants are now doing a bigger trade on takeout sushi, which means customers have been missing out on the conveyor belt experience.

Kappa Sushi, or Kappa Zushi as it’s commonly known in Japan, has identified this gap in the market, and has decided to make everyone’s dreams come true by allowing takeout customers to rent a conveyor belt to take home with them. 

The new “Rental Kaiten Lane” service (“Kaiten Lane” translates to “Revolving Lane”, which is what the conveyor belts are called in Japan) began on 21 May, and is currently available at the following five stores:

  • Itabashi (Tokyo)
  • Nerima Nukui (Tokyo)
  • Kawasaki Ichinotsubo (Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Ikuno (Osaka Prefecture)
  • Minamitsumori (Osaka Prefecture)

The new rental service coincides with the chain expanding their takeout offerings, making it the perfect time to turn your home into a mini Kappa Sushi restaurant. The conveyor belt is designed to sit on your home dining table and can hold up to 15 dishes at a time, whirring into action when connected to a household power outlet.

▼ Staff demonstrate the revolving lane in action.

Customers whose takeout order comes to a total of 3,000 yen (US$27.50) or more are eligible for the rental service, and are required to order and reserve the lane in person or by phone at one of the participating outlets. Kappa Sushi also asks that customers who rent the belt take note of the following rules and conditions:

  • Be careful not to get the belt wet with water or drinks
  • Please refrain from using it for purposes other than its intended purpose (please do not put anything other than rental dishes on the lane)
  • When renting, the store will keep 2,000 yen as a security deposit (this will be returned to the customer when the belt is returned)
  • Please present your driver’s license or ID when renting
  • Modifying or changing the shape and performance of the lane is prohibited
  • Customers will be held responsible for the theft of lanes and rental dishes, and damage or loss due to negligence
  • Kappa Sushi is not liable for indirect damages or direct damages caused by lane defects
  • The rental period is two days and one night. Late fees are charged at 3,300 yen (including tax) per day
  • Please return the belt and plates by 9:00 p.m. the following day

The rental service includes the rental of 15 Kappa Sushi plates, identical to the ones used in the restaurant, for the ultimate Kappa Sushi takeout experience. As for the cost of rental? That’s one of the best things about this deal, as the cost of renting the conveyor belt for two days and one night is an absolute bargain at 3,000 yen.

That’s a low price to pay for unlimited use of a sushi conveyor belt during your rental period, and hundreds of dollars cheaper than Kappa Sushi’s previous conveyor belt rental service, which cost a whopping 80,000 yen!

Source, images: PR Times
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