Teasingly titillating beverage also comes in handsome man version, is upfront about its not-so-dirty secret.

Japan’s eclectic, innovative, and inclusive attitude about food and drink means that if you’re feeling thirsty, you’ve got a huge variety of options to choose from. You could grab a bottle of tea (both Asian and European styles are readily available), a can of coffee, or a container of any number of sodas, juices, or yogurt drinks.

And, next month, you’ll be able to wet your whistle with a refreshing gulp of Leftover Bathwater Drink, in both beautiful woman and handsome man versions.

Japan’s Village Vanguard started off as a chain of bookstores, and while you can still get plenty of offbeat reading materials there, it’s turned into a general purveyor of quirky items. It’s the sort of place where you can pick up a pack of Attack on Titan curry or azure apple jam, and it’s also the exclusive seller of Leftover Bathwater Drink.

▼ “You’re going to drink the leftover bathwater?” asks the woman on the label. “Are you crazy!? If you do that…you and I are through!!”

▼ “Drinking the leftover bathwater? Don’t be absurd. Just go dry yourself off.”

However, those who can pull their eyes away from the fine-looking illustrated spokesmodels and onto the fine print will notice an asterisk under the text for Leftover Bathwater Drink (残り湯ドリンク) which subtly announces “This is a joke product.” Another explanation on the label reads:

“This is just water. Just water…it’s not leftover bathwater, just tasty water. But telling you that won’t be enough to suppress all the things you’re imagining as you drink this beverage made in the image of the leftover bathwater a beautiful woman [or man] was bathing in.”

So yes, in the end, this is basic mineral water with a lascivious label and mature-audience marketing. Still, if you’re keen to dive into this fantasy, Village Vanguard is taking preorders through its online shop (male version here, female here), where the Leftover Bathwater drink is priced at 324 yen (US$2.95) a bottle, with shipping scheduled for mid-November.

Source: PR Times
Top image: Village Vanguard
Insert images: Village Vanguard, PR Times
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