What’s blue and sweet and perfect with toast or yogurt? It’s blue apple jam from Aomori Prefecture!

As you can see from the pictures, the blue jam that will soon become available through Village Vanguard’s online shop is an amazing, clear blue, so it’s no wonder the product has captivated internet users across the country.


The jam contains no artificial coloring: instead, the eye-popping color comes from the Thai herb known as anchan (butterfly pea). The blue jam, made in Aomori Prefecture in the northern main island of Japan, was originally created by JT & Associates as part of a line of unique blue-colored food products. The products were developed to promote not only foods from Aomori Prefecture but to publicize the anchan herb in an effort to help boost the Thai economy and combat poverty in the country. And since Aomori is a major apple growing region in Japan, it was quite natural for an item using apples to be included in the line-up.


Until now, the blue jam has been sold through the Aomori Shojiki Mura (“Aomori Honest Village”), a group committed to offering quality food items using Aomori-grown products, and, not surprisingly, the visually striking jam has always sold out very quickly as soon as stock became available.

▼ It looks stunning with white yogurt!


▼ You can also have it as a hot drink as well, like herbal tea.


Now, the jam will be made available to consumers across Japan, through Village Vanguard’s online shop in both a large (1,296 yen [US$12.71]) and small size (864 yen [$8.48]).


They’re currently taking pre-orders for the jam on-line for delivery in late October or early November. Such a vivid color is sure to brighten your breakfast or snack, and it should make for a unique and memorable gift as well. It looks like this is one case of the blues that would be welcome in your kitchen or on your dining table!

Source: Village Vanguard online storeMy Navi News
Top image: Village Vanguard online store
Insert images: Village Vanguard online store product page