Most Japanese apartment entryways are filled with shoes, but this one is filled with something else.

If you close your eyes and imagine a cosplayer’s apartment, you’ll probably picture a closet filled with all sorts of elaborate anime and video game-inspired outfits. Maybe there’s a whole room that’s become a workshop, with piles of fabric and sewing equipment, and perhaps in a corner of the living room you’ll find a dress form, one of those torso mannequin things, for final alternations in order to get the perfect fit.

And it’s possible all of those descriptions apply to the apartment of Japanese cosplayer and Twitter user @reo09reo. But really, the most unusual, and awesome, part of @reo09reo’s home is the entryway, which looks like this.

There’s a veritable samurai sword arsenal just inside the door, and while that might seem like katana overkill, this cosplayer needs each and every one of them. That’s because @reo09reo is particularly fond of cosplaying as characters from Touken Ranbu, the anime/video game franchise about anthropomorphized sword boys.

“Am I overdoing it with the combat readiness of my entryway?” tweets @reo09reo.

With each Touken Ranbu character being the embodiment of a historical sword, naturally they all carry a distinct weapon of their own, and fans’ eyes will be checking for that kind of source material fidelity when looking at a cosplayer’s outfit. Actually, the above photo isn’t even @reo09reo’s complete katana collection, since there’s one more (at the bottom right) in the full group shot here.

So which sword boys’ swords are they? Starting with the top row and moving from left to right, the weapons are those of Izuminokami Kanesada, Hizamaru, Kashu Kiyomitsu, and Yagen Toshiro. At the bottom left corner is a pre-cosplay sword that’s awaiting customization to turn it into a proper Touken Ranbu, and moving right from there are the swords of Okurikara, Buzen Go, Honebami Toshiro, Nikkari Aoe, and Tsurumaru Kuninaga.

▼ The umbrellas are just umbrellas.

@reo09reo mentions that as impressive as the sword stockpile looks, they’re actually all made out of wood, with no metal blades, and that the resulting lightness is a plus when having to lug them to cosplay photo shoot locations.

Of course, while they’re still in their scabbards the costume katana look like the real deal, so when there’s a package being delivered, @reo09reo asks the delivery person to just leave it outside the front door, then retrieves it once they’ve left, just to make sure no one gets freaked out when the door opens and they see what’s inside the entryway.

Source: Twitter/@reo09reo via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert images: Twitter/@reo09reo (1, 2)
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