Even though this year’s Tokyo Game Show already wrapped up a few weeks ago, we just can’t get all that awesome cosplay out of our heads. Even though the convention space made for some great shots, more and more cosplay enthusiasts are searching for that perfect spot to really give their costumes some added flair, and Haco Stadium, opened just last year, really delivers.

With 33 different themed rooms and a wide range of free or rental items for visitors to use, it’s a cosplayer’s dream come true. But not satisfied with stopping there, this time Haco Stadium wants to help you look even more the part with the introduction of a new sticker picture, or purikura, machine that promises to give you a flawless finish.

Purikura technology has really come a long way over the years. The first machines that only offered low-resolution face shots of you and your friends behind fun backdrops, but now purikura machines do everything from removing blemishes to offering pre-cut sheets to share with friends. It’s almost impossible to get a bad-looking photo from one, so it makes sense that they’d be a favorite choice among cosplayers looking to take a quick group shot.

Haco Stadium Tokyo, located in Chiba Prefecture, certainly seems to think so. They have plans to introduce a brand-new purikura machine called HACOSTA at their cosplay studio, and it’ll help you go from this…


…to this.


How about a side-by-side comparison? Those are some pretty dramatic results!


Thanks to the machine, cosplay enthusiasts don’t have to let their lack of make-up skills set them back. HACOSTA delivers fair skin, a small, round face, backgrounds, and puts you one step closer to perfect anime eyes all at the touch of a button.


According to staff opinion so far, it makes female cosplayers look especially amazing. For those of you who plan on debuting a new costume in the near future, why not christen it with a visit to Haco Stadium and their awesome new machine which is set to arrive this fall?

Source: Satsuei Studio Haco Blog via Netorabo
Top image: Satsuei Studio Haco Blog
Insert images: Satsuei Studio Haco Blog