Since you’re reading our kinda geeky site about Japanese and Asian news and pop culture, we think it’s safe to assume you agree with us that cosplay is pretty cool and fun to look at, but it’s also natural to be slightly dubious that cosplaying could ever amount to anything more than an extremely expensive hobby or very crappy contract work.

Well, it turns out we were all wrong, and we were jerks to underestimate cosplay in the first place. The more time you spend in the cosplay world, the more you end up developing talents in a range of fields, including fashion design, cosmetics, lighting engineering and even photography, as the Internet learned when a Japanese cosplayer with just four years’ experience in the hobby gave her 54-year-old mom a full cosplay makeover and photo shoot.

Just to mix things up, we’re going to show you the “after” results prior to the “before” photo of the un-named cosplayer’s mother. Remember, our intrepid artist managed everything about the shoot, from clothing and makeup to lighting and photography:



Not bad. Not bad at all. The almost scary magic of makeup and lighting only becomes apparent when you see the “before” photo and realize that, far from being a genetic lottery winner, the artist’s mother is – in the most respectful of terms – pretty much exactly what you’d expect an average 54-year-old mom to look like:


So, thinking of parlaying your love of dressing like cartoon characters into a real career, but find yourself struggling to convince your overbearing parents? Just link them to this story and offer up your own makeover services to butter them up – we’re definitely looking forward to someone turning their dad into a sword-wielding badass and sending us the photos, after all.

Source: My Game News Flash