Several Ghibli films and Your Name are featured in their beautiful mural works.

In the good old days growing up as kids, many of us probably used chalkboards in school…Okay, maybe kids these days all get whiteboards but we dinosaurs remember the chalkboard days. Anyway, we likely spent many a recess or lunch hour doodling on the board for fun. Maybe a sun in a corner here or a cat head there, some flowers and clouds, usually nothing serious. But one group of Hong Kong students has blown us all out of the water with their incredible mural artworks featuring scenes from popular anime.

The Instagram account featuring these stunning artworks, illusdreamer, was created to showcase the artistic talents of students at Senegal High School in Hong Kong, and features many incredible works. What stands out to us as anime geeks are the chalkboard works featuring scenes from Ghibli movies, like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

There is also an amazing drawing of Your Name, which was done by a collaboration of three girls. Somehow, they were able to create a near-perfect replica of the movie poster, not with acrylics or oil, but with just chalk. Simply amazing!

▼ A video of the students working on it

If you take at look at illusdreamer’s Instagram account, you’ll also find more than just anime: there are some stunning 3-D drawings, features from Disney movies, and some original works as well.

The fact that these murals are done in chalk is both incredible and sad. Incredible because of the level of detail achieved just by using chalk. Sad because, in spite of all of the hard work they put into each drawing, all the detail in shading and highlighting and blending, it’s probably going to be erased one day, especially if it’s on a school blackboard.

Nevertheless, the talent of these students is undeniable. If they did a chalk art exhibition, I’m sure they would get tons of publicity, especially since they have already received attention for their Instagram page. Maybe they should do a collaboration with this Japanese teacher who also does amazing works in chalk, or with RenaRena, who drew a magnificent 46-foot long Dragon Quest mural! I’m sure they’d make some even more amazing (and enormous) drawings.

Source: Instagram/illusdreamer via boredpanda
Featured image: Instagram/illusdreamer

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