Not all blackboard doodles are created equal.

Japan’s fondness for using the humble blackboard as a canvas has been well-documented in recent years, with countless shots of the artwork created by artists, students and prolific doodlers alike having graced our pages plenty of times before.

But as impressive as they were, few of said black-and-white drawings can compete with this truly mammoth mural, which was created on a special 14-metre-long (45.9-foot) blackboard and installed in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station this week ahead of the launch of Dragon Quest Heroes II for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on May 27.


The artwork, which apparently took an entire month for prolific artist RenaRena to create, is on display now at Shinjuku Station’s Metro Promenade—the same advertising place which played host to a display of every Yu-Gi-Oh card ever and Kuro Neko Yamato’s giant, gift-dispensing cat in the past. The mural will remain in place only until May 29, however, so if you’re in Tokyo and want to see it, you’d better be quick!

Featured image: