These look so cool, we wonder why there isn’t a crossover anime like this yet.

We often see characters in the anime world wearing the same clothes throughout the entire series, and in the case of popular anime Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, their unique outfits are so ingrained in our minds that it is hard to imagine them wearing anything else.

Yet one bold illustrator by the name of Germán Capisano from Argentina has broken the mold by performing a fashion swap between the heroes and heroines from both universes. Just how would the girls of Sailor Moon look wearing martial arts uniforms? Would the heroes of Dragon Ball still carry that same lofty air of confidence when baring their thighs in a tiny mini skirt?

▼ Sure they would! Goku and Sailor Moon show us just how amazing they look.

▼ Vegeta and Sailor Mercury own their outfits as if it is the most natural thing.

▼ Never underestimate the elegance of Krillin and Sailor Venus.

▼ Piccolo and Sailor Pluto make a mean pair…

▼ …as do Young Gohan and Sailor Chibi Moon.

▼ The duo of Future Trunks and Sailor Saturn strikes a cool contrast…

▼ …with the fiery couple of Yamcha and Sailor Mars.

▼ Android 18 is the perfect candidate for a switch with Sailor Uranus…

▼ …while Android 17 and Sailor Neptune
look like they can take on the world with plenty to spare.

▼ Let’s not forget about Bulma and Tuxedo Mask!

Thanks to Germán Capisano, the roster of Sailor Senshi and Dragon Ball characters received a sleek wardrobe update, possibly setting up more future crossovers and intriguing fashion swaps. We are itching to see an attire-switch between Majin Buu and Wicked Lady, because as this other artist shows, these two villains match each other perfectly.

Featured image: Instagram/drawingsfromhell
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