Internationally beloved actress explains why her new husband is “awesome” anyway.

With the Internet being the preferred distribution channel of adult video enthusiasts, the industry has become largely globalized. Still, few performers have achieved the sort of international success that Japan’s Sola Aoi has.

Actually, calling the former adult video actress “Japan’s” is a bit of a contentious claim, given that Aoi has spent considerable amounts of time living and working elsewhere in Asia, with China, Thailand, and Korea all having been graced by her presence at live events or in movies and TV series. But while the actress’ pornographic body of work was likely the point of entry for many members of the Sola Aoi fanbase, she’s moved away from outright porn over the last decade, to the point where the Japanese media now often describes her as a “sexy actress” rather than a flat-out “adult actress.”

And now Aoi is ready to transition into yet another new stage of her life, as she’s just announced her marriage. On January 2 (Japan time), Aoi posted on her blog that she and Japanese musician DJ Non have tied the knot, and shared a photo of herself wearing her wedding ring through her Instagram account.

In her blog posting, Aoi said “I’ve always wanted to get married. I love kids, and it’s always been my dream to start a lovely family…My [husband] is neither handsome nor rich, but he has removed all of my uneasiness about having been in adult films, as well as everything else.”

▼ Aoi and DJ Non

Aoi, whose works predate the recent industry rule changes that allow adult film actresses to halt the sale of their movies after five years on the market, went on to talk more about her feelings regarding her former primary profession. “I don’t regret making adult films, but it’s also not like I don’t feel any embarrassment about how such work is viewed by society. To create a family, you have to accept everything about each other, your past and future, so I think my husband is really an awesome guy for accepting me.”

As alluded to in Sola’s comment about her husband’s finances, DJ Non isn’t a famous, household name in Japan, but it sounds like the two of them have very compatible personalities, which is something money can’t buy.

However, unlike many Japanese entertainers, especially those with a “sexy” image, it doesn’t sound like Aoi is going to be stepping away from the limelight now that she’s no longer single. “To all of my fans and associates,” she wraps up her blog post with “I am still the same Sola Aoi I have always been, and I look forward to your continuing support.”

Source: Livedoor News/Sports Hochi via Jin, Sola Aoi official blog
Featured image: Instagram/aoi_sola