Even fans who’ve spent years looking at Sola Aoi’s body have never seen it quite like this before.

With the sakura blooming, Sola Aoi, who spent several years as one of the Japanese adult film industry’s most famous and popular performers, recently headed out to the park to do some cherry blossom viewing with her husband.

However, next year their family flower party will have more participants, as Aoi is currently pregnant. As a matter of fact, her due day is coming up in less than a month.

If Aoi looks particularly radiant in the above photo, it’s because she’s carrying not one child, but twins.

▼ Aoi’s illustrated rendition of her current physical state.

Aoi, who’s transitioned into more mainstream, keep-your-clothes-on acting work in the last few years, has been keeping her fanbase updated throughout the course of her pregnancy, and on April 10 updated her official blog to announce that she’s decided on a Cesarean section birth.

The 35-year-old Tokyo native came to the decision after much thought. “As a woman, labor pains are something I had wanted to someday experience, since long ago,” Aoi said, referring to the relative lack of anesthetics used in vaginal birth in Japan. “Thinking of my children, [though,] a Cesarean section is the safest choice,” she concluded, citing difficulties and possible complications with having twins for a first-time birth.

Initially Aoi was apprehensive about the pain of having a C-section and after-procedure scarring, although she reaffirms that “I have no more plans to appear nude professionally, and I’m at an age where wearing a bikini is getting kind of tough.” However, after speaking to a friend who gave birth by Cesarean section 10 years ago, she felt reassured that she’s made the right choice. “Her scar had healed so much that if she hadn’t pointed it out when she showed it to me, I wouldn’t have even noticed it,” she says, and given how reportedly “awesome” her husband is, it’s doubtful he’ll see any scar she acquired while giving birth to their children as anything other than a visual reminder of her love for them.

Source: Sola Aoi official blog via IT Media, Instagram/aoi_sola
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