New mother welcomes twins into the world.

On May 1, the ascension ceremony was held for Japan’s new emperor, Naruhito, and with it came the start of Japan’s new Reiwa era. But the same day marked the start of a different chapter in the life of Sola Aoi: motherhood.

Aoi, who rose to international fame as an adult film star before transitioning into more mainstream acting and media personality work, announced her pregnancy late last year, and then began regularly sharing her thoughts and experiences on her official blog as her due date approached. Last month, after consultation with her doctor, she decided to have a Cesarean section birth, which was scheduled for the morning of May 1, and was even the subject of an Internet-streamed documentary.

The operation went smoothly, and Aoi has now shared a photo of her and her husband’s double blessing with this snapshot of the twins, sleeping soundly after coming into the world.

“It was painful and difficult,” Aoi says of the delivery, “but I did my best, and after giving birth, I felt immeasurably fulfilled.” She also says that she experienced a sense of calm and peacefulness as she held her children for the first time. “You’re warm,” she thought. “Your hearts are beating. You were inside my womb.”

With the arrival of the twins, Aoi, who was single up until her marriage a year and a half ago, is once again going to experience a big change to her home life, but it sounds like she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sources: IT Media, Instagram/aoi_sola
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