Manga art looks like it’s drawn by someone twice her age.  

We’ve seen some brilliant art come out of Japan over the years, covering everything from chalk-drawn masterpieces on school blackboards through to 3-D illustrations that look as if they’re about to jump out from the page.

Now, the sketches of another Japanese artist are catching everyone’s attention, and this time they’ve been created by a girl who’s just ten years of age. Oh, and she’s the daughter of one of the country’s most respected manga artists, Yusuke Murata, who’s best known as the illustrator behind the One-Punch Man manga.

Murata is often referred to as a superhuman “god” amongst manga fans due to his out-of-this-world illustration skills.

Murata played proud father recently when he shared a photo of one of his daughter’s illustrations with his 670,000 followers on Twitter, along with the comment: “My 10-year-old daughter has started drawing manga.”

The photo shows his daughter has a clear talent for drawing, with the sketch looking like it could have been drawn by someone twice her age.

According to Murata, his daughter is also a huge fan of Japanese manga Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, and loves to draw characters from the series.

It turns out that his daughter isn’t the only talented young artist in the household, though, as Murata once shared a photo of his son’s artwork on Twitter back in 2014.

▼ His son was seven years old when he drew this intricate, imaginative image.

People on Twitter were quick to heap praise on Murata’s daughter for her skilful drawings, leaving comments like:

“These are too good. Like father like daughter!”
“The person who drew these is only 10? Wow, she’s definitely inherited her father’s skills!”
“When I was that age I was just drawing stick figures!
“I see her god-like artistry quickly forming.”
“She’s a thousand times better than me already!”

With talent this well-developed from such a young age, it really does look like this young girl is following in her father’s footsteps. And as Murata himself shared his own childhood drawings and comic-strip sketches a few years ago, it looks like she’s not far off from reaching his 12-year-old level of talent, or even surpassing it, in just a couple of short years.

Source: Twitter/@NEBU_KURO via Jin
Featured image: Pakutaso 
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