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Parents of bullied teenage girl who committed suicide commission portrait to “attend” Seijinshiki

Move sparked controversy among Japanese netizens. 

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Here’s why Japanese supermarkets play “cheap” background music all day, according to Twitter

There’s a reason why they don’t play other kinds of music!

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Crafty or creepy? Japanese Twitter user recounts roundabout way of following their crush online

This premise should definitely be an anime.

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Zelda gamers get it: real-life secret, bomb-able entrance to dungeon found in Japan

SoraNews24 does not condone tossing bombs to try to find rupees.

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Japanese “Creeper Reply Badge” capsule toys make us cringe with their cliche replies 【Photos】

If you find yourself answering girls’ messages like this, you’re probably a creeper.

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Wasabeef Wars: mascot change sparks online controversy among potato chip lovers

How does the saying go again? Something something… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

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Netizen visits grandparents’ house, finds undisturbed bamboo stalk growing in the kitchen【Pics】

It’s gonna take more than one call to insurance for this one. 
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Japanese-American singer Hikaru Utada opens a discussion on racism on Japanese Twitter

The singer hopes that this will be a turning point for racial issues in America. 

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Japanese Twitter explains how to choose quality produce: pick the ones that are the best couple!

The friendlier the group, the tastier the soup.

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Japanese driver in traffic jam gets the worst possible vehicle stuck behind him【Video】

How long could you listen to the same lines in a song over and over again before you completely lose it?

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Video of New Yorker assaulting mask-wearing Asian woman rattles Japanese Twitter, debate ensues

A shocking incident caught on camera upsets and stirs Japanese netizens.

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Try this netizen’s “secret menu” item beef bowl at Yoshinoya, if only to see what the heck it’s about

This “secret menu” is really more of an alternate style of beef bowl.

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Japanese woman’s hair turns into literal train wreck thanks to Thomas the Tank Engine’s friend

Drastic solution required to remove cheeky locomotive.
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“Tidying up” master Marie Kondo sparks controversy, not joy, by opening online knick-knack shop

The guru of de-cluttering your home now wants you to buy products to clutter your home with.

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Hovering lights sighted around Shibuya has people thinking that UFOs are finally here in Japan

Forget Area 51, the Scramble Crossing is where all the action’s at!

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Boyfriend’s “cute” way of telling his girlfriend how much he loves her turns off Japanese Twitter

“If someone did this to me I’d beat them to death!” says one Twitter user.

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Japanese Twitter rallies around user who was betrayed by their family with touching sympathy

Japanese Twitter shows that the Internet isn’t all savage memes and fighting about politics.

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Japanese Twitter obsessed with app that revives the VHS camcorder recording quality of the ‘80s

The app turns your high quality smartphone camera into a handheld VHS camcorder

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Hong Kong protesters apologizing for airport disruption strikes a chord with Japanese netizens

The fight for human rights goes on, but these considerate people have earned a ton of respect from some Japanese people.

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Tall concert attendee wears T-shirt apologizing for his height, gains approval from netizens

People who tower over others often get a great view of the action, but some remember they might be obstructing others in the process.

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