Empowers fans of anime to further support and preserve the industry.

Virtual currency has gained foothold in Japan, and even virtual currency idols are starting to cash in on the trend of digital transactions.

Tokyo Otaku Mode is a company dealing in anime, manga, games and fashion, delivering Japan’s subculture to the rest of the world via its online store. In an effort to connect fans to creators of Japanese content, they’ve designed a digital currency using blockchain technology that benefits both sides of the industry: Otaku Coin.

▼ Here’s the promotional video of Otaku Coin.

As the situation stands, there is little fans can do to support their favorite anime outside of buying merchandise and purchasing DVDs. Otaku Coin aims to directly connect consumers to the talented teams who help shape the wonderful world of anime today.

By letting people back upcoming projects and even content creators themselves, Otaku Coin becomes more than just digits on a monitor; it skips the middleman and provides a personal approach to showing appreciation, interacting with producers, and supporting the livelihood of budding animators trying to survive in a harsh industry.

Helping these individuals also assists in the creation of anime-related goods by extension, such as games, music, manga and merchandise.

▼ It’s kind of like Patreon, except that it’s tailored
toward improving the anime community.

Earning Otaku Coin is easy, the activities required of which are already what fans regularly do: simply watching anime, sharing content, or writing reviews. The benefits it brings to the community as a whole, however, are tremendous.

▼ Fans can rest easy knowing just where their cryptocurrency is going to.

In return, fans can visit Japan and conduct purchases or participate in events using the digital currency without worrying about fluctuating exchange rates. The platform on which Otaku Coin runs will also provide quality content that may have flown under the radar due to all the attention on trending anime.

Otaku Coin will be launched in summer 2018, and thanks to its bold aim of preserving the anime world, it has already received the backing of several prominent figures in the industry including Palmer Luckey (Founder of Oculus Rift), Christopher Macdonald (CEO of Anime News Network), and even famous virtual YouTuber, Kizuna Ai.

With this new virtual currency, consumers of anime have even more reason to enjoy doing what they love, knowing that their regular activities can be funneled towards projects they want developed. Salaries are depressingly low in the anime industry, so helping to improve that might make a difference.

Source: Otaku Coin
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