Earn points by visiting temples throughout Japan with Buddhist sect’s upcoming app

Even 850-year-old traditions are getting with the times.

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The Station Idol Latch! project gifts us with 30 male idols for 30 Yamanote Line stations

JR East’s newest venture reimagines each of the 30 stations on Tokyo’s most famous train line as a singing and performing idol.

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Hokkaido and Osaka team up to send NEETs to agricultural sectors to do some productive work

It’s time for Japan’s recluses to step out of their comfort zone and change the world.

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Amazing graduation project card game made by Kyoto University art student is simply incredible

So well crafted, in fact, that visitors to her exhibition stole some of them!

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New virtual currency Otaku Coin easy to earn, changes the way fans influence anime

Empowers fans of anime to further support and preserve the industry.

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Consider us teased! Upcoming Dragon Ball Z animation promises big things【Video】

DBZ Tribute is an upcoming animation that aims to pay tribute (the hint’s in the name) to the work of Akira Toriyama. A team of professional artists have come together to create a computer-generated animated sequence as a homage to the creator of Dragon Ball.

It’s not an official project, but if the production values in these teasers are anything to go on, it’s going to be a really high-quality “tribute”.

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Capcom Ōkami Collaboration Helping Restore Tsunami-Struck Town, and So Can You

Playstation 2 and Wii owners will likely be familiar with Ōkami, the adventure game set in ancient Japan that features an absolutely gorgeous wood-cut, cell-shaded graphic design.

The game puts players in control of the wolf incarnation of Shintō goddess Amaterasu, and quests them with using a magical, life-giving paintbrush to transform a dark, cursed world into one of plants, trees and flowers, as well as battling a few demons and evil spirits along the way.

On the same theme of restoration, a local website based in Rikuzentakata, a coastal town in Iwate prefecture severely damaged by the March 11 tsunami, has launched a special range of products officially backed by Capcom, the makers of Ōkami, with profits from their sale going to towards rebuilding the town and, much like the game, “restoring nature to its once beautiful state.”

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