“I’m all alone in this virtual space every day. And the best way to kill time? Games, of course!”

With YouTube channels being hosted by children and run by people who stick rubber chickens in car tailpipes, it seems like anyone can be a YouTuber… even if they don’t really exist.

Say hello to one of Japanese YouTube’s rising stars: Kizuna Ai, host of A.I.Channel on YouTube. She’s a virtual anime schoolgirl who does pretty much the same things all other YouTubers do – makes funny videos and plays video games.

One of Kizuna Ai’s most popular videos
where she plays the popular game Inside.

If you’ve watched any other YouTube “let’s plays,” then you can tell that Kizuna Ai’s reactions and commentary are pretty spot-on. The animation and voice are very well done, it’s easy to forget that you’re watching an animation and not a real person.

Kizuna Ai’s cute look and fun personality has already earned her almost 200,000 subscribers. While that may seem crazy for a YouTuber who’s not even technically “real,” just taking a look at some more of her videos makes it obvious why people like her so much.

In this video Kizuna Ai tries taking some physical tests to see if her
“hologram-ness” can help her break any records. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.

She plays Quick, Draw! to see if she can draw things well enough for Google’s
AI to figure out what it is… and also adorably messes up reading English.

In an attempt to make a friend in the computer-generated oblivion
she lives in, Kizuna Ai strikes up a conversation with senpai AI Siri.

If you want to see more of Kizuna Ai’s videos, be sure to check out her official YouTube channel. It’s only about three months old, but more videos are being posted every few days, and more and more are getting English subtitles.

And if just watching a virtual anime schoolgirl isn’t enough for you, then perhaps you would be interested in a way to live with one in your home?

Source: YouTube/A.I.Channel
h/t Kotaku