And it’s all thanks to the people working hard behind the scenes.

One of the great things about Japanese companies is that they go out of their way to achieve the highest customer satisfaction possible, as even humble rice cracker manufacturers put in time and effort to ensure their patrons get the very best.

One such company in Japan has done just that for a woman who lost something extremely valuable. Cooking appliances like ovens or microwaves usually come with a few recipes to get customers started, and for Japanese Twitter user @yamuretsu, one particular cookie recipe meant the world to her.

▼ But alas, she lost the recipe many years ago (translation below).

“When I was young and still living with my parents, I considered the cookie recipe that came with the Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. oven to be the gold standard. It was a gift from my mother to celebrate my marriage. That recipe and oven was lost after my house underwent renovation, and I couldn’t bake them even if I wanted to. I thought of giving up, but I just couldn’t let it go.”

▼ Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t have cookies anymore.

▼ @yamuretsu contacted the company with just a sliver of
hope that there would be some sort of reply (continued below).

“At my wit’s end, I sent an email to Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. (now Panasonic) but had only scant details to work with. I provided the age of the oven and asked if there was any sort of information left. Before a day had passed, they replied back with the cookie recipe I’d been looking for! I was so grateful!”

▼ Nice one, Panasonic! (continued below)

“I didn’t know the oven’s model number, so all I sent was the era in which it was used. I rushed to the supermarket and bought all the ingredients. The scent of blended butter reminded me of my childhood, and when I bit into a cookie, it was something I had not tasted in years.”

▼ Ladies and gentlemen, we have cookies again.

▼ A happy ending, and a sweet one to boot (continued below).

“Here they are! I cried so much. I’ve been baking them since six o’clock and still making more. I’ll send a thank you email to Panasonic later for finding this recipe, even though they had extremely little information to work with.”

Kudos to Panasonic for safekeeping @yamuretsu’s precious memories, and given that Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. changed their name in 2008, the company must have kept the outdated oven’s records for at least a good ten years.

Panasonic’s act of kindness might have been relatively simple compared to the likes of Disney’s and Nintendo’s, but at least it helped create more delicious cookies, which counts as a heroic deed in my book.

Source: Twitter/@yamuretsu via My Game News Flash
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