Female employee finds two different men camped out in the ladies’ restroom in roughly an hour.

Last Sunday evening, a female employee of a supermarket in the Kotoni neighborhood of Sapporo, the largest city on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, headed to the women’s restroom for a bathroom break. However, while there she saw a digital camera sticking up over the divider between her stall and the next one over.

The woman quickly summoned the store’s security guard, who discovered a 51-year-old man hiding in the stall. The police were summoned, and the peeper, an unemployed resident of the same ward where the supermarket was located, was placed under arrest, admitting to charges of trespassing and attempted voyeurism.

The incident occurred shortly after 6:30 p.m., and roughly an hour later the police returned to the supermarket to conduct a follow-up inspection of the crime scene. However, when they arrived one of the stalls in the women’s restroom was occupied, and no matter how long they waited, its occupant wouldn’t come out. The same female employee who’d discovered the peeper entered the bathroom to see what was going on, and found the stall was occupied by another man, this time a 57-year-old civil servant dressed in women’s clothing. “I like dressing as a woman” he told the officers, “and when I was dressed as a woman, I wanted to use the women’s bathroom.”

The officers found such justification lacking, though, and so for the second time that night, they placed a man under arrest for being in the women’s restroom. Given that frequency, some might say that better signage is required, like that seen at the world’s most passive-aggressive restroom in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station, but seeing as both entries were willful, that’s unlikely to make much difference.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News/HTB News via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Love Free Photo