Everything is revealed from the very first stroke.

Thanks to our subconsciousness at work, some say a person’s character can be determined from the way he or she sleeps, which can make for interesting conversation starters.

In the latest personality test, Japanese variety show Getsuyo kara Yofukashi recently challenged viewers with the simple act of drawing. There are different approaches to writing out the number “8” or drawing a square, and in the same vein, different ways to draw the humble five-pointed star.

▼ Try drawing out one right now.

According to the variety show, the point from which a person starts drawing the star determines his or her personality.

▼ So where did you start?

The traits for each starting point were listed as:

“1: An eager leader.
2: A flirty individual who wants to be loved.
3: A romantic with big dreams.
4: Meticulous and creative
5: A genuine person who wishes to lead a fulfilling life.”

The star personality test caught the attention of netizens:

“I can only draw a star from number four.”
“If it’s a five-pointed star, it’s number five. But I get a feeling I start from three sometimes too.”
“I’m just surprised there are people who draw from points other than number one.”
“Eh? Don’t we all draw it from the top? This is a culture shock!”
“It’s number four for me.”

I personally draw my stars from number one, and going by the variety show’s list of characteristics, I’d say it’s spot on for me. How do you draw yours? Does it match your traits? If you enjoyed this test, why not give the fist personality test a whirl too?

Source: Nippon TV via Hachima Kiko, Twitter/@anzu102966
Top image: Pakutaso
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