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Penguin bars, owl cafes, and black cat coffee shops are just a few of the strange and yet completely cool shops in Japan where you can view animals while you sip and munch. It seems like new ones are turning up every week, like this one in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The restaurant, which is actually part of the Safari Land animal park, allows guests to enjoy a plate of curry in the shape of a smirking red panda face as they watch a real life version of their curried animal in an adjacent enclosure.

Unfortunately, only ten plates of red panda curry are sold each day, so you’ll have to go to Safari Land early to ensure you’re able to eat and watch the red pandas. If you do miss out on this special dish, you can always enjoy the other red panda activities offered.

▼ Why not watch the two-month-old baby red panda’s cute antics?Red Panda

▼ Or how about feeding an adult red panda?Red Panda2

So head on over to Safari Land for your chance at some unique experiences. If you’re a fan of cute, you won’t be disappointed!

Source: IT Media
Images: Safari Land