Just be aware of potential consequences if you do decide to use these.

Official paperwork in Japan often requires a personalized seal or hanko for stamping. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of them on the market ranging from beautiful floral birthday crests to cool katana-hilt seals.

But a new series of ink stamps introduced by Japanese Twitter user @Goncharov_jp features what some would consider to be controversial and powerful figures through Russian history. Specifically, they are Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Vladimir Putin, the current President of Russia.

▼ Yuri Gagarin, the first human to travel to space and the only one
without a checkered history
, is also on the list.

The stamps and their meanings are as follows:

1: Vladimir Lenin (Confirmed)
2: Vladimir Lenin (Important)
3: Joseph Stalin (Processed)
4: Yuri Gagarin (Here goes!)
5: Vladimir Putin (Processed)
6: Vladimir Putin (Top secret)

What is perhaps the most chilling is the fact that the Japanese words for “processed” can also be translated into “dealt with”, a not-so-subtle jab at these influential leaders wielding their immense power for unknown purposes.

Coming in at 970 yen (US$8.60) each, these 25-millimeter ink stamps are advertised as a simple way to get your message across in an office setting.

▼ Or risk offending someone who has been adversely affected under their rule.

Looking at reactions online, it seemed Japanese netizens found the series rather amusing:

“When can we have a Mikhail Gorbachev stamp?”
“I want one that says ‘disposed’.”
“Please make these available on LINE, too.”
“Number six looks quite scary.”
“The Putin stamps are too frightening.”

While the Russian ink stamps are available on the website here, they are limited and the maker does not seem to be accepting any more orders for now.

One thing to bear in mind is that although some people may enjoy seeing these prints and get a good laugh out of them, others may not find dictators who have essentially performed mass killings to be so palatable. Best to go with safer options like adorable cat stamps, because everyone loves cats.

Source: Oroshian, Twitter/@Goncharov_jp via Japaaan
Featured image: Twitter/@Goncharov_jp
Insert image: Oroshian