President of developer of Azur Lane outshines her game’s beautiful anime-style heroines.

If you were in a harsh mood, you could accuse Chinese-developed mobile game Azur Lane of blatantly trying to ride the coattails of Japanese-made smash hit Kantai Collection. Like Kantai Collection, Azur Lane’s gameplay revolves around ship-to-ship combat between historical naval vessels, each represented by a beautiful anime girl.

▼ Japanese trailer for Azur Lane

However, fans have found enough unique about Azur Lane to make it one of the most popular mobile games in Japan in the time it’s been available here. Now it’s poised to get yet another boost in popularity thanks to the recent revelation that the president of the game’s developer is an incredibly beautiful young woman.

Shanghai-based Manjuu is one of the two software houses responsible for Azur Lane’s development, and a recent segment on Japanese television included footage of company president Shuyin Lin.

With her perfectly styled hair, expertly applied cosmetics, and fashionably coordinated outfit, Lin quickly had Japanese Twitter abuzz as many learned that they owed the hours of enjoyment that’d received from playing the warships-as-beautiful-girls game to a woman who’s quite easy on the eyes herself.

Online comments included:

“She looks like an idol singer.”
“Wait, she isn’t a model for a recruiting ad, but the company’s president?”
“Having a boss like that would definitely boost my motivation.”
“She’s cuter than any of the characters in the game.”
“So when is she going to be added as a playable character?”

Lin’s looks and disarmingly cheerful smiles even had some softening their stance on the divisive topic of in-game microtransactions.

“So if I pay for microtransactions, some of that money will go to her.”
“Our microtransactions will become her income.”

Others found themselves suddenly very interested in seeing if Manjuu is hiring, especially since the human employees share their workspace with a company kitty.

However, one level-headed individual implored the smitten to tear their eyes off Lin for a moment and turn them instead towards a comment she made during the interview, which is captured in the left photo in the tweet below, in which she’s giving a tour of the Manjuu office and says:

“This room can hold a lot of people, so this is where everyone sleeps.”

In other words, it’s apparently not at all uncommon for the workload at Manjuu to be so heavy that employees don’t even have time to go home, and instead just have to grab what shuteye they can on the office floor. But any job is a basket of good and bad points, and for some, they’d be willing to put up with a few nights on the floor if the payoff is that they get to spend their days with Lin.

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