An unexpected gift causes one online buyer to joyfully relive Christmas Day of ’99 again.

Japan can be a tricky place to navigate for some people. There are plenty of terrifying topics that should rightfully be treated with caution, from taxis driven by ninja to government officials who insist on taking out the trash while naked. On the flip side, there are also plenty of heartwarming positives that make the country’s people stand out as model citizens.

Reddit user Klipse11 was the lucky recipient of one such random act of kindness by Hirono, a Japanese online game seller. Ever since Klipse11’s anecdote was posted online, net users from around the world have sung the praises of the almighty Hirono for his considerate bonus to this overseas buyer from his shop. Check out the photo he shared online below:

▼ “Ordered a Wii controller from a seller in Japan. Came with a free gift.”

The heartfelt, slightly Engrish-y enclosed message reads as follows:

“Thank you for your purchase! I send a present to you with the feeling of thanks together. I’m afraid that it is a used Japanese game, but I recommend it. I hope that you are enjoyed to get it. If you’d like, I look forward to get your feedback. Hirono” 

Needless to say, Klipse11 was positively floored by the inclusion of an original N64 cartridge for Super Smash Bros. with his purchase. He enjoyed being immersed in a wave of childhood nostalgia, commenting, “Literally my favorite game growing up. This guy just gave me Christmas Day of ’99 again.”

Other Reddit reactions included:

“Yo shoutout to Hirono, he’s the real mvp” 
“I ordered from Japanese sellers a couple times and received similar notes saying thanks. Neat custom”
“An original Japanese Smash Bros!!?? I’ve never even seen this cover art. Hirono, you inspirational treasure of a human being. Deserves all the positive feedback omg”

In an amusing twist, the post was translated into Japanese once it gained enough traction–effectively coming full circle back to Nintendo’s country of origin. While a few Japanese readers were puzzled by the unnecessary gesture, most of them were nevertheless quick to acknowledge the thoughtfulness behind it:

“Lol, I don’t get why an N64 game came with Wii peripherals…how does he even know that guy has an N64?”
“Wow, I can’t believe it! Japanese people are masters of being considerate.”
“What an incredible thing…I’m going to name my son Hirono.”

All hail Hirono, who proves that sometimes the best gifts come in the smallest packages.

Source: Reddit/@Klipse11 via All-nationz via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/ForzaPlayz