Recent quake ends more happily than expected for one Kansai resident.

A few days have passed since a magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck the northern part of Osaka, sending tremors all throughout the Kansai region which contains neighboring cities such as Kobe, Nara, and Kyoto. The area is still in a state of uncertainty, however, as the possibility that this was just a foreshock lingers.

But for one family in Kyoto, the disaster has brought an unexpected surprise in the form of their beloved pet cat. According to Twitter user Kiyo (@kiyo_ZX10RR), within hours of the large quake striking, the wandering feline returned to the house it had lived in up until six months ago.

▼ “I don’t know if it was because of the earthquake, but my pet cat that had been missing for half a year finally came home! [several crying kaomoji] His feet are jet-black [several crying kaomoji] Now he is eating a lot! [crying kaomoji] Thank god! Thank god! [crying kaomoji]”

After his disappearance late last year, the cat was spotted around the neighborhood, but Kiyo had been unable to find it himself. Months went by with no sign of the cat until a few weeks before the earthquake when sightings began to happen again.

Finally, as if to check up on his family, the cat came back the very same day of the shaking, and Kiyo shared his joy over Twitter. Kiyo also tweeted that the cat is in good health. It appeared to have been well-fed, relaxed, and not really dirty. A triangular section was taken out of its ear, but that was the worst in terms of “injury.”

This scar wasn’t picked up during any kind of catfight though. Rather it is a marking used by groups such as Doubutukikin that trap stray cats, neuter them, and then release them. It looks like they picked up this particular feline during his adventures and finding that Kiyo had already gotten him neutered, just clipped his ears and sent him on his way.

Hundreds of Twitter users were caught up in Kiyo’s heartwarming incident and shared their joy.

“That’s great news! I’m so happy for you.”
“It’s like he was worried about his family and came back.”
“Congratulations! But make sure you get it fully tested. I heard about a cat that returned home but was infected with feline AIDS.”
“That’s such a nice story. Guess he thought it was time to go home.”
“Make sure you spoil that cat rotten!”
“I’m glad I heard this after all that other terrible news.”

Kiyo tweeted that he wanted to share his story so that others who have lost pets in this or other earthquakes don’t lose hope.

For those of us in the area, hope (mixed with a dash of vitriol) is all we got until things gradually return to relative normalcy, so it’s nice to get a big injection of it from this incident.

Source: Twitter/@kiyo_ZX10RR, Togech, Doubutukikin
Featured image: Twitter/@kiyo_ZX10RR