Think twice before issuing challenges, especially if it involves cycling over 584 miles from Tokyo to Yamaguchi Prefecture.

When Japan scored a significant victory over Colombia in the men’s World Cup, fans were so ecstatic they took to the crowded streets of Tokyo’s Shibuya for a massive celebration.

Before the match, many people predicted Japan’s defeat in the face of such a formidable opponent. One of them was Japanese Twitter user @B747_300SR who had little faith that his country’s team would make it past Colombia’s tight defense.

“If Japan wins, I’ll cycle from Tokyo to Yamaguchi Prefecture.”

▼ That’s going to be a very long trip!

He probably didn’t think it through when he challenged the Japanese team, as a trip from Japan’s capital to Yamaguchi spans roughly 940 kilometers (584 miles), a staggering distance that takes more than ten hours by car.

As he watched the match unfold in a mixture of elation and horror, Japan pulled off an upset that had netizens quickly retweeting his post and urging him to uphold his end of the bargain.

“Please stop, please stop. Ugyaaaaaaaaaaah!”

“To anyone living along the Tokyo-Yamaguchi line,
please let me stay over!”

“Can someone please tell me how long it takes
by bike to get to Yamaguchi from Tokyo?”

▼ Very long indeed. Probably around a week or so.

▼ But despite all of that, he decided to take on
the self-issued challenge like a champ. (Translation below)

“I’ve finally calmed down and given it serious thought. As I’ve proposed the dare, I’ll do it this summer. If that proves impossible, I’ll do it right after graduation.”

▼ Cycling for such a long distance under a summer sun might not be advisable.
(Translation below)

“It might take a while, but I plan to cycle from Tokyo to Yamaguchi Prefecture by March next year. Depending on my schedule, I might split it into two sessions at Osaka, but I will do it one way or another.”

People have already traveled almost the entire length of Japan on bicycles, albeit under very different circumstances. Nevertheless, we think it’s incredible that @B747_300SR decided to keep his word, which might turn out to be an experience of a lifetime he will never forget.

Source: Twitter/@B747_300SR via My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Google Maps, Pakutaso