Video shows a man out for a very atypical afternoon walk.

No neighborhood in Tokyo can boast as much variety as Shinjuku. Located on the west side of the downtown area, within Shinjuku you can find beautiful gardens, quiet shrines, boisterous bars, government offices, high-rise shopping centers, and generations-old confectioners (plus SoraNews24 headquarters).

Oh, and if you were in Shinjuku on May 3, you could also see a man wearing a uniform, with a leash around his neck, scurrying about on all fours like a dog being taken for a walk.

▼ Video of the man

“I’ve been reminded that there are some weird dudes in Tokyo,” tweeted Japanese Twitter user @akato_1019, who lives in a more rural part of the country. Tokyoites, though, quickly let him know that even for Tokyo, this is unusual, leaving comments such as:

“Even by Tokyo standards, that’s pretty weird.”
“I live in Tokyo, and even I think this is pretty out there.”
“There are only a few people in Tokyo who’d do something that dumb.”

As a matter of fact, this behavior is so unusual that some Twitter users remembered seeing the man before. While one person speculated the man in the leotard might be a famously pervy Swiss tourist, his real identity has since been confirmed as Japanese Twitter user @omaru_uwabaki.

@omaru_uwabaki has been up to antics like these for quite some time, it appears. Several other Twitter users posted pictures of the leotard enthusiast on previous outings, with one saying that she’d seen him four years ago.

We should reiterate, though, that this isn’t common behavior in Tokyo, and while you can witness some very unusual stuff on the streets of the capital, at some indefinite point there’s a limit to how much the authorities will let you get away with before bringing you in on suspicion of public indecency.

Source: Twitter/@akato_1019 via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@akato_1019