What has two legs, antlers, and looks like it belongs in a rock band?

Navigation technology has come a long way. With Google Street View, you can even take a virtual tour of several Japanese hot springs, or the busiest station in Japan, Tokyo Station.

One Japanese Twitter user was apparently exploring the Abugawa Dam in Yamaguchi Prefecture using Google Street View, starting from route 67 and veering off into a smaller road, when he stumbled across a sight that boggled his mind.

▼ What in the world is that?!
(Scroll down for enlarged versions.)


▼ Just gonna take a turn down this road, no big deal….

▼ Oh, what’s that off to the side of the road down there?
Maybe an animal or something?

▼ Wait… it’s a person….

▼ Oh. Oh I see.

The last picture in the tweet reveals a man in a deer mask holding onto what looks like an electric guitar, which immediately sparked questions. Just how long had he been standing there? Was he real? Where was the rest of his rock band? Was it some sort of fetish we’re better off not knowing?

Comments from Japanese Twitter users were filled with amusement, with most trying to find the deer-man themselves, much like pirates hunting for treasure:

“This was found using Google Maps right? Can you teach me how to find him?”
“I found him!”
“It’s highly possible this is someone I know.”
“Found him. Thanks for the laughs!”

Naturally, the comments slowly gravitated towards identifying him in an all-out deer-man hunt:

“His guitar is from the Ibanez XP series.”
“This is his deer mask!”
“Here’s the shirt he’s wearing. No doubt about it.”

▼ Here’s our culprit’s tools.


It didn’t take long for the person in question to appear in the comments:

“You guys found me! I’m Orion, the deer-guitarist!”

When asked what actually happened, Orion revealed that he intentionally wanted the Google Street View Car to take pictures of him three years ago. As to why he had a deer mask and an electric guitar with him at that point in time, however, is up to everyone’s imagination.

For our curious readers out there, you can find the path leading to Orion here, where he will continue to pluck on his unplugged electric guitar strings until the end of time. Or at least until he’s pushed out by a fellow Google-Street-View-bombing sumo wrestler.

Source: Twitter/@rb30gtr via My Game News Flash
Top image: Twitter/@rb30gtr (edited by SoraNews24)
Insert images: Twitter/@rb30gtr