They always deliver goods no matter the weather, so why not return the favor?

It’s a good thing we have air-conditioned homes and offices, cooling us down from the sweltering summer that has already caused a number of heatstrokes throughout Japan.

But for couriers who have to deliver letters and parcels while driving vans without air conditioning, the job can be hellish one. Japanese Twitter user @yumemityounoshi wanted to show his gratitude to those brave souls by placing some presents and a handwritten note in his parcel drop box.

The presents consisted of a packet of salt tablets — great for replenishing salt lost from sweating — and a box of chilling sheets that cool down skin when applied.

▼ When no one’s home, parcel drop boxes can be
accessed by couriers to leave deliveries in.
(Translations below)

The note in the box reads:

“As always, thank you for your deliveries in this heat. Help yourself to the salt tablets and take as much as you want. Please stick a chilling sheet on the back of your neck. Just leave the candy wrappers in the parcel drop box. It’s tough work, but let’s look after each other.”

A shy @yumemityounoshi said this in his tweet:

“When I placed these in my parcel drop box, all the couriers replied with written thank you messages. D-don’t misunderstand! I… I just did this because I didn’t want them to collapse in the heat and be unable to deliver their goods! It’s not like I’m apologizing for missing a package or anything!”

▼ There’s no need to be shy pal, you did a good deed.

Japanese netizen applauded his simple gesture of kindness, with many who work under the scorching sun voicing their approval:

“I think it’s fantastic that you are so kind to people working in such a harsh world. In this day and age, there are plenty of customers who only complain, so thank you.”

“I’m not a courier, but I do hand out leaflets. People have been praising me for working hard in the heat or even helping me distribute in their own offices. I think I can keep going thanks to such kind people.”

“I’m a delivery man, and I think that drivers in that area would really appreciate your offer! It would really help us couriers if more people set up parcel drop boxes like you.”

As summer in Japan can be deadly for the unprepared, acts of kindness from people like @yumemityounoshi can actually make a lot of difference. And since vehicles in Japan are hitting extreme temperatures, any kind of help, no matter how small, may make a huge difference.

Source: Twitter/@yumemityounoshi
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