Krispy Kreme Japan is serving up a tantalizing selection of Asian treats in doughnut form!

That’s right, Krispy Kreme Japan has just released their new “Tasty Asian Sweets” line of doughnuts, and we have to say the limited-edition items based on popular desserts from different parts of Asia certainly look mouth-wateringly tempting.

Krispy Kreme have certainly dazzled us in the past with limited-edition items ranging in theme from cute anime-style horses to sweet American snacks.

This time, their new line-up consists of four doughnuts in flavors inspired by well-loved Asian treats. Let’s take a closer look at the individual items.

● Hong Kong Almond Tofu doughnut  (230 yen, US$2)

This doughnut recreates the creamy texture and gentle sweetness of the popular dessert almond tofu (known as annin tofu in Japan). The milky cream filling inside the doughnut has a flavor and soft texture similar to almond tofu, and the glaze covering the coat of white chocolate also contains an almond tofu flavor as well.

The doughnut is also topped with a bit of gold powder and pieces of dried goji berry, adding an elegant bit of color to the presentation,

Thai Mango Cheesecake doughnut (230 yen)

This doughnut is based on the mango flavored cheesecake, a popular treat in Thailand. It’s filled with a cheesecake-flavored cream and coated with a layer of chocolate and a glaze made with puréed Alphonso mango. Lines of pudding flavored chocolate and pieces of dried mango top the doughnut to add the finishing touch.

Vietnam Chè doughnut (230 yen)

This doughnut draws inspiration from the traditional Vietnamese dessert drink Chè, which typically involves a colorful mixture of various beans and fruits. The top glaze uses lychee and strawberry to create a refreshing sweet and sour flavor, and the dragonfruit and mango pieces used as toppings add to the doughnut’s tropical feel.

Taiwan Pineapple Cake doughnut (230 yen)

The fourth and last item in the “Asian Sweets” line-up, this old-fashioned doughnut is based on the Feng Li Su pineapple cake that Taiwan is known for. The doughnut dough contains powdered cream cheese and pineapple sauce, giving it a simple yet rich flavor, and the pineapple sauce topping containing small pieces of diced pineapple adds to the sweetness.

And if you’re not in the mood for something sweet, they also have an Asian-themed savory item too, as you can see below.

Thai Spicy Green Curry savory doughnut (200 yen)

This item, while the opposite of sweet, is also created from a popular Asian dish. The savory doughnut, based on Thai green curry, contains a chicken and eggplant filling flavored with a well-balanced mixture of spices and coconut milk, and even a dash of nam pla fish sauce. The hot and spicy doughnut/sandwich should be a perfect snack or light meal for summer.

There’s also an Asian-themed beverage being offered that looks pretty sweet as well:

Taiwan Tapioca Milk Tea (540 yen)

The Krispy Kreme version of the popular Taiwanese bubble tea drink is made with fragrant milk tea and contains plenty of black tapioca balls. It offers a gentle sweetness as well as a fun, chewy texture.

You can also get the Asian Tasty Sweets doughnuts as part of a box of a dozen (1,800 yen), six (1,120 yen), or three (660 yen) doughnuts if you need something for a get-together.

▼ Here’s the dozen box that combines the 4 sweet Asian-flavored
doughnuts with two other Krispy Kreme original doughnut items.

All the Asian-themed items will be offered until early September. They may not keep the heat away like ice cream doughnut sandwiches, but the Tasty Asian Sweets doughnuts certainly offer a chance to enjoy some interesting new flavors.

Sweet lovers in Japan, don’t miss your chance to check them out this summer!

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Top image: Krispy Kreme Japan Tasty Asian Sweets special campaign site
Insert images: Krispy Kreme Japan press release, Krispy Kreme Japan Tasty Asian Sweets special campaign site