Too busy to cook after work? This might be a solution for you.

Summer in Japan is hot. Temperatures across the country are typically over 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and sometimes even as high as 40 C (104 F) during the day, while the humidity is rarely lower than 50 percent. Fancy feeling sweaty and gross all day? Then summer in Japan is for you, especially this year’s, which is hotter than usual.

In such hot weather, it’s no secret that cars are storing and building heat when they sit in the sun, so that when you open the door it’s like opening the door to the underworld. According to, when the air temperature outside the car is 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit), the interior of a black car, with the windows rolled up and no sunshade, can get up to 57 Celsius (134 Fahrenheit), while the dashboard can get as hot as 79 Celsius (174 Fahrenheit).

▼ This car registered an exterior temperature of 41 Celsius on July 18. “It’s so hot my hands are sticking to the steering wheel! Hurry up and get here already, winter!”

But Japanese netizens have found ways to make this insufferable heat useful. As it turns out, 79 Celsius is a great temperature to slow cook food at, so why not leave dinner to cook while you’re busy at work?

One netizen even decided to fry some ham on the roof of their car. They live in Saitama, where temperatures on the date of this post were as high as 35 Celsius. That made the top of their black car hot enough to fry up some ham to the point of making it crispy.

“My car was super hot today so I thought I might be able to fry something on it. It really worked when I tried some ham…”

Another industrious netizen “boiled” some eggs inside of their car. They placed a 10-pack on the dashboard in the morning, and by the evening they were nicely soft-boiled, perfect for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning.

Many people worried that the netizen was going to get food poisoning from those eggs, but they said that the bacteria inside the shell dies if it is faced with temperatures over 65 Celsius for a long period of time.

So in short, it got so hot in the car that the bacteria in the eggs couldn’t survive.

Yep, it’s pretty hot right now, and Japanese netizens are feeling it:

“My steering wheel is hot. The AC only cooled down when I got home…”
“I have my AC on max but it can’t keep up with the heat!”
“It’s really hot, so when I turned on the engine I put the AC on max, but I just got blasted with max hot air lol. Help!”
“Everything inside my car is hot.”
“The wind is hot. It’s like opening up an air conditioner unit or a car bonnet. I’m not just going to melt; I’m going to die. I want some shaved ice or an ice cream float.”

▼ This netizen’s windshield sticker melted while they were out shopping for a bit…

One netizen has a solution to that initial roasting heat in your car: apparently, if you open the windows on the passenger side, then open and close the driver’s door about five times, the pressure drives the hot air out, and then you can cool down the car with AC. Who knew?!

You will need lots of tips like that to survive a hot Japanese summer. Why not pick up a Häagen-Dazs ice cream sandwich milkshake to cool down with while you try some other tricks?

Source: Otakom
Featured image: Twitter/@ahirubino