If you haven’t been paying attention, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are on the rise again (although to be frank, some might say they’ve never really gone away.)

To prove it, consider the Power Morphicon (a convention dedicated to all things Power Rangers) every year… Or even the new live-action series brewing called Power Rangers: Beast Morphers.

And most importantly, the comic book series from BOOM! Studios, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The comic series became a big sensation, so big in fact, that BOOM launched another ranger series entitled GO GO Power Rangers… PLUS a pink ranger mini-series where we meet a powerful new villain called Lord Drakon. It’s the first massive comic book crossover of the Power Rangers franchise, tying all sorts of Power Ranger lore with cameos from all over the ranger canon, even crossing over with the other comic book series.

One fan of the spinoff (known as Shattered Grid) transformed original art from the comics and created an anime style intro sequence.

You’re going to want to see it:

It perfectly combines the Japanese origins of Power Rangers with the Super Sentai series.

Counting the upcoming Beast Morphers, there have now been 26 different series featuring different rangers. Each one has had varied levels of success, but the overall power of the franchise as a whole cannot be denied. There are always going to Power Rangers fans out there waiting for more… Including us.

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Source, top image: YouTube/Snappy Lights