Have you ever wondered who would win in a battle between Darth Vader and Kamen Rider Black RX? Neither have we, but thanks to this video we have an answer!

Bizarre mash-ups between characters of different franchises are basically 1/10 of the reason why the Internet was born (cat photos make up about 8/10s of rest of the reason), so we suppose someone somewhere would eventually wonder: Who would win in a battle between Darth Vader and Kamen Rider Black RX? We will freely admit that the question never came to us, but clearly VS GAG, a Malaysian visual effects and “gag story” YouTube channel, is operating a wavelength entirely different from our own. And it’s definitely an awesome wavelength!

The people behind the channel recently debuted a new video showing Darth Vader squaring off against the Japanese tokusatsu hero in a battle that makes liberal use of lightsabers, the Force, and Kamen Rider Black RX’s intelligent car Ridoron. If that sentence is making your head spin, just wait until you see the car bouncing up and down on poor Darth Vader’s head.

▼ It’s not fair to bring a car to lightsaber fight, but Vader’s not exactly defenseless.

VS GAG haven’t uploaded a lot of videos yet…but they ones they have produced are pretty spectacular. For example, this one of Spider-man in “real life” not only looks pretty damn good, but it left us giggling all afternoon.

▼ And you thought stepping in dog poop was bad!

Here’s their first video, another gag story about Kamen Rider Black RX fighting a Power Ranger to the explodey death. We have no idea what these tokusatsu heroes are made of, but maybe they should try a nonflammable version…

It seems that it takes VS GAG about three months to make one video, so we’ll be waiting quite a while for the next one. But we’re definitely looking forward to whatever they produce!

If you don’t want to wait that long for more awesome fan artwork, be sure to check out this paper cup 3-D art one Japanese Doraemon-lover put together!

Sources: Culture Lab, YouTube/VS GAG
Featured image: YouTube/VS GAG