Hey comics fans, check out this plot twist of the year! Apparently, Joker and Harley Quinn tied the knot, and Batman officiated the ceremony for his nemesis. And that’s not quite the biggest twist yet…

Well, the top image has probably given it away, this isn’t a real plot twist in the authentic DC Comics series. This happily-ever-after ending came from a comic fan’s dream wedding; a totally awesome Marvel/DC Comics-themed wedding that is just a delight to look at even if you’re not a fan of Batman or Harley Quinn or I… oops! Nearly let the cat out of the bag! Unveil the big twist after the jump (there are no titans this time, we promise)!

Weddings are celebrations close to the heart that many couples like to accentuate with a touch of personalization. There are plenty of bridal package choices these days that take the trouble of planning and preparation off of the hands of busy couples, but as easy and convenient these pre-designed bridal packages may be, nothing beats having your very own kind of wedding that reflects who you are and what you love. To Batman fans Ali Butrym and Ryan Jeziorski from Texas, their perfect wedding came in the form of a vividly colored comic themed celebration that gathered not only the superheroes but the super villains as well.

▼ The stunning bride with her signature mask.

▼ Joker never looked more dashing.

▼ Both Ali and Ryan have Batman tattoos, which they got before they met!

▼ Here comes the bride… with dear daddy dressed to the nines with a shiny Iron Man mask.5S0yY1C - Imgur

Image: Irish Eyes Photography

▼ Who knew Harley Quinn’s father was Iron Man!

▼ And Batman keeps his swanky gadgets for the day to be the officiant for his arch rivals.

The main stars of the event were impeccably dressed, of course, but their jolly guests were all ready to steal the limelight with their character costumes too!

▼ Adorable little Poison Ivy and Power Ranger as the flower girl and ring bearer.evTPBhh - Imgur

Image: Irish Eyes Photography

▼ Mario brought a mysterious ninja guest.oP3htRa - Imgur

Image: Irish Eyes Photography

▼ Wolverine had his claws out. Just in case, since Cat Woman had a weapon too.QzxG7c0 - Imgur

Image: Irish Eyes Photography

▼ Bane and Wonder Woman seem to be on friendly terms.hlDwIsu - Imgur

Image: Irish Eyes Photography

▼ Riddler and Poison Ivy arrived in matching colors, as usual.7i7psRo - Imgur

Image: Irish Eyes Photography

▼ What an awesome cast!

See more photos of the amazing celebration captured by Irish Eyes Photography.

White weddings are beautiful and dreamy, but such vibrant and characteristic (albeit slightly villainous) weddings look like a whole lot of fun too! Did this spark some ideas for your own nuptials? If you could have a character themed wedding, what would you pick? Leave your wildest ideas in the comments section below, who knows, some of you singletons might find your like-minded destined one right there!

Source: Dailymail via Zhaizhai News
Images: Irish Eyes Photography, Imgur