Featuring the universe’s most powerful and fearsome Super Saiyan to date.

After an explosive series of action-packed teasers of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, the much anticipated animated film of crackling energy-filled battles is finally here.

On 14 November, Legendary Super Saiyan Broly will explode onto cinema screens worldwide. A final trailer has just been released, hinting at adrenaline-pumping fighting scenes that will leave jaws on the floor.

▼ Will our heroes be able to stop this overwhelming menace?

The movie follows protagonists Goku and Vegeta as they encounter the most fearsome villain in the Dragon Ball universe: Broly, a highly unstable yet incredibly powerful Super Saiyan. Taking place directly after the events in Dragon Ball Super, this 100-minute film promises to be a memorable experience for both fans and those who are just getting into the series.

▼ Broly is way out of your league, Vegeta.

What makes Dragon Ball Super: Broly so highly anticipated is the fact that the most dangerous villain in the entire Dragon Ball franchise has not graced cinema screens ever since he was introduced in Broly-Second Coming and Bio-Broly. Those two films were released 24 years ago.

▼ So it stands to reason that fans are extremely eager to
watch this monster unleash hell after such a long wait…

▼ …forcing Goku and Vegeta to work together…

▼ …but even so, will it be enough to halt Broly in his tracks?

Early bird tickets in Japan come with a super rare Broly collectible card from Super Dragon Ball Heroes (100,000 cards available only), and all ticket holders will be presented with limited character stickers and a rare card.

It has been the dream of many fans to see Goku go at it toe-to-toe once again against the biggest and baddest villain, even going so far as to making epic stop-motion fights using figures. And after 24 long years, we are glad that maniacal Super Saiyan beast finally returns to the screen to floor us all.

Source: YouTube/Toei Movie Channel via Otakomu
Top image: YouTube/Toei Movie Channel