These plot holes are so big it’s as if they were blasted open by a Kamehameha Wave!

Dragon Ball Super, the latest installment in the Dragon Ball franchise that recently finished airing, boasts some of the most epic battles and touching moments in anime history.

It is not all rainbows and sunshine, however, as Japanese YouTuber BiX highlights some glaring flaws and inconsistencies that turned the stellar action anime into a huge letdown for fans.

▼ A visibly upset BiX airs his laundry list of complaints.

First off is how the anime essentially transformed Vegeta’s cool badass character into the likes of Yamcha, providing comic relief instead of incinerating foes. “What was the whole point then of the final Majin Buu arc where Vegeta acknowledged Goku’s strength?” laments BiX.

▼ The subtitle reads: “Stop making Takoyaki!!”

He also points out that Gohan was way too skinny in Dragon Ball Super, throwing the production team’s past efforts in making him a solid character out the window.

▼ Yep, Tracksuit Gohan sure looked scrawny there.

Frieza got a notable mention for being incredibly weak, as the most iconic villain in the entire series was defeated as soon as he appeared on screen. BiX also reckoned that Frieza, being the ruthless emperor that he is, should never be seen teaming up with the good guys.

Next up were the Potara earrings, accessories of immense power that facilitated permanent fusion between wearers in earlier installments. In Dragon Ball Super, the fusion merely lasted one hour, a glaring contradiction that BiX considers blasphemy.

Additionally, characters suddenly and mysteriously became powerful in the anime, as an initially weak Android 17 surged to become as powerful as Goku without any sort of training. Another example was Master Roshi who usually maintained a pitiful power level of 139, only to conveniently become almighty whenever the story demanded it.

▼ BiX also mentions the plot hole of how various characters could
transform into Super Saiyans, even when they were theoretically unable to do so.

He also touches on the excessive number of gods and the series’ reliance on Broly as the go-to antagonist whenever the story needed a villain.

Japanese netizens generally agreed with his sentiments:

“I concur with Potara’s time limit inconsistency.”
“The film looks interesting, but I wish they’d stop relying on Broly.”
“I also have a ton of issues with the series, but I just can’t bring myself to hate it.”
“You basically nailed everything I wanted to say.”
“It’s too late to complain now, but it’s true
Dragon Ball Super was the worst.”

Despite BiX’s long list of complaints, his love for the Dragon Ball series is evident in his last message, stating that he is looking forward to the eagerly anticipated Dragon Ball Super movie.

Inconsistencies are prevalent in long-running series of anime or manga when creators have to rethink concepts to accommodate complex storylines or characters. And for a work that spans over a few hundred episodes, it is unfortunate that such readjustments can be easily traced. Yet even so, the toughest critics are often the biggest fans, and we can all agree that BiX here wants the series to be the best there is.

Source: YouTube/BiX via Hachima Kiko
Images: YouTube/BiX