Says he didn’t think he’d get arrested, is quickly proven wrong.

Last Monday was a holiday in Japan, so on Tuesday morning, many people on Tokyo’s commuter trains felt bummed out over the end of their three-day weekend. However, part of being an adult is being able to psyche yourself up for a day at work, so you’ve got to find some way to boost your energy level during the ride in to the office, and oftentimes your smartphone can help you do just that.

Some people fire up some upbeat music and pump it through their earphones. Others open their browsers to peruse humorous or otherwise mentally stimulating Internet articles. Unfortunately, though, Yoshimasa Nozaki decided to amuse himself with his smartphone in a much less wholesome way: filming a closeup of a woman’s skirt.

It should be noted that the 45-year-old Nozaki stopped short of upskirt photography, instead holding his phone’s camera in close proximity to the 29-year-old woman’s hindquarters. That’s still plenty creepy, though, and when the woman noticed what he was doing, during a stretch of the Saikyo Line between Tokyo’s JR Ikebukuro and Shinjuku stations, she quickly called him on it, saying “You’re filming me, aren’t you?” Once the train arrived at Shinjuku Station, Nozaki got out, but the woman followed, informing a station attendant of what he’d done, at which point Nozaki made a break for it.

Despite the fact that Shinjuku is the busiest train station in the world, Nozaki jumped down from the Saikyo Line platform and ran across several tracks, as seen in the video above (posted to Twitter by @PSJ_kattyan). Once on the far side of the rails, he slipped behind a maintenance building before making his way out of the station.

However, the station staff immediately informed the police, and roughly half an hour later Nozaki was apprehended in front of a commercial facility in the Shinjuku neighborhood, perhaps having been unable to further distance himself from the scene of the crime because he was apprehensive about using any trains to make a getaway.

Nozaki was subsequently arrested on charges of violating the Municipal Nuisance Ordinance, and admitted to his actions, saying “There is no mistake that I did what the woman says I did…[but] I didn’t think I’d get arrested just for filming her.” His punishment is yet to be set, and hopefully the incident will serve as a reminder that there are some things you absolutely shouldn’t do with your phone while riding the train.

Sources: Livedoor News/Sankei News via Hachima Kiko, FNN
Featured image: Twitter/@PSJ_kattyan
Top image: Wikipedia/Toshinori baba