Shibuya Station is an unusual place to pick for a jog even if you have your clothes on.

Growing up in America, I got used to having set ways to celebrate different holidays. On the Fourth of July, you have a barbecue and watch fireworks. If it’s Thanksgiving, you stuff yourself with turkey. Christmas? Wake up early, see what Santa brought you, and then go outside to play in the warm sunshine (at least that’s how we did things in Los Angeles).

But things are different in Japan. Here, most national holidays are pretty much a blank slate. For example, on March 21, people traditionally used to visit their ancestors’ graves for the spring equinox, but that’s become less common in modern times. Nowadays most people think of it as a day to do whatever you like since you don’t have to go to work or school. Sleep in until noon. Get leisurely drunk with your friends. Lounge around on your sofa and spend the whole day reading SoraNews24.

And then there’s the woman who decided to spend March 21 this year running naked through one of the busiest train stations in the world.

Shortly before 11:30 a.m., multiple Japanese Twitter users sent out tweets saying there was a naked woman running through Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, a major rail hub that connects several train and subway lines and serves as the gateway to the Shibuya neighborhood, one of the city’s most popular entertainment districts.

“Some woman was sprinting through Shibuya Station totally naked. Super scary.”

“There was a completely naked woman running around inside Shibuya Station. Totally scary…”

“Some chick was running around Shibuya Station butt naked-funny as hell.”

At about the same time as the tweets were being sent, someone also thought to call the police. Officers arrived on the scene and quickly spotted the woman, who no doubt stuck out like a sore/naked thumb, and took her into custody.

However, something they didn’t do was arrest her. The woman was not in possession of any weapons or dangerous items, and didn’t seem to have any intent of harming anyone. Apparently she simply wanted to run, and to be naked while doing it. “The woman had no criminal intent, so please put your minds at ease,” said a spokesperson for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Shibuya Precinct.

The lack of criminal charges rubbed a few online commenters the wrong way, with some grumbling about a double standard. “Why didn’t they arrest her? They’d have arrested a man who did that, wouldn’t they?” asked one Twitter user who was appalled at the lack of justice. Others, though, simply lamented the fact that they hadn’t been there to witness the woman’s splendor in person, or the lack of photos on social media.

Surprisingly, the police say the woman did not appear to be under the influence of drugs, and so it remains unclear what prompted her high-speed streaking session, making her decision as baffling as the man elsewhere in Japan this week who broke into someone’s house just to take off his pants and go to sleep on the living room floor.

Sources: Huffington Post Japan via Itai News, Jin, Twitter
Top image: Wikipedia/Benzoyl
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It’s also not a crime to follow Casey on Twitter while naked.