Famous British botanical gardens include a clever use of origami art in a holiday display. 

We’ve seen countless examples of creative extensions of origami over the years. From minuscule origami coupled with bonsai to edible origami such as wonton skin cranes or Mt. Fuji onigiri, people continue to surprise with ingenious new applications for the art of folding paper.

Recently, Japanese Twitter user @_annapurna_ spotted one such clever usage in a natural setting halfway across the world from her home country. While strolling through the World Heritage Kew Gardens (officially Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) in southwest London, she was so enamored with the sight that she posted an emotional response on Twitter:

“At Kew Gardens. Origami boats are floating on the lake and their reflection in the water makes them appear as stars. They’re said to be a decoration for Christmas. English people are geniuses–I was so deeply moved. I had no idea origami could be expressed in this way. It makes me super happy as a Japanese person–thank you (weeping).”

She posted a follow-up message shortly afterwards:

“By the way, it seems that the boats are illuminated at night beginning on November 22. I wanted to see them like that…”

According to the gardens’ official website, this special Christmas at Kew event is occurring until January 5, 2019. The festival features an enchanting trail of lights, laser beam displays, and flickering candles to make for either a family-friendly fun-fest or a romantic evening for two.

If you happen to be in England in the next month and have an appreciation for traditional Japanese culture, be sure to visit the gardens after dark to experience the festive origami flotilla in person. You can also check out the three distinct Japanese garden areas, Chokushi-Mon gateway, and a traditional minka farmhouse. More information about the festival and gardens can be found on the official website.

Source: Twitter/@_annapurna_
Featured image: Twitter/@_annapurna_