Limiting your forceful groping to just one part of the body is still plenty past what the law allows.

Under normal circumstances, when you’re asking someone for something, making your request as limited as possible is a sign of politeness. “Let me have a bite of your piece of cake,” for example, is less of an imposition than “Let me have the whole thing.”

But again, that’s under normal circumstances. Tokyo resident Yoshimichi Nagashima, though, didn’t earn any points for considerateness, despite making what he apparently thought was a modest request. On an undisclosed date in August, the 43-year-old construction worker spotted a female university student walking home in the city’s Adachi Ward. Nagashima then came up from behind and grabbed her, saying “Let me rub just your breasts.”

Obviously, this twisted display of restraint didn’t impress the young woman, who already felt Nagashima was going much too far by grabbing both of her bosoms. When she resisted, Nagashima fled, but nearby security cameras captured the attack, and he’s now been arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

Nagashima has admitted to the crime, saying “I was unable to control my sexual desire.” Similar crimes have been reported in the area where the incident took place, and investigators are now looking into whether or not he was behind those as well, which would be one more strike against his feigned persona as some who’s easily satisfied.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News/Nitele News 24 via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso