Zen on the floor, Zen on the couch, and even Zen on the porch.

Japanese company Felissimo continues to impress us. Along with tempura sleeping bags and realistic-looking origami bird pouches, the company has recently released a realistic interior decor series of karesansui (“Japanese rock garden”) multicovers that can give your home the feel of a serene Zen garden.

▼ Just imagine this scene, but indoors and without all the messy sand.

There are three designs in total, and each one mimics a unique style of Japanese rock garden design. These are often created in real life with raking sand and small rocks into symmetrical designs.

▼ There’s a circular pattern, a checkered pattern, and a wavy pattern.

Since it’s a multicover, you can use it anywhere — on the floor like a rug, on a sofa or chair as a cover, or even on the deck or somewhere outdoors. Each design has a subtle fringe that makes it stylish and cozy enough to perfectly accent any space in your house that needs a bit more chill.

▼ The frills are the only thing convincing us that it’s not actually made of sand and rocks.

Each multicover is priced at 3190 yen (US$29) with tax included at Felissimo’s online shop.

And if you can’t decide which one to get, you can get all three in monthly installments. By paying in a single three-month lump sum, you’ll receive one of the three designs each month, so you can fill your house with Zen or split it with friends.

▼ And the best part is that you can’t mess up the designs by stepping on them like you would with actual Japanese rock gardens.

Where would you decorate your multicover? With other Felissimo products like their mini sakura trees, you can create a full-fledged Japanese garden in the comfort of your own home!

Source, images: PR Times
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