One of the year’s most touching stories gets a very special Christmas episode.

Earlier this year we found out that a museum in northern Japan has been taking care of a stuffed animal for 30 years, ever since a guest forgot it in the parking lot. But while there’s probably not much chance of the Donald Duck plushie ever being reunited with its original owner, Donald did recently meet up with a very special old friend.

Just a few days before Christmas, the museum received a package addressed to “The Chido Museum Donald Duck,” because three decades is long enough living in a place to start getting your mail there. When the staff opened the box, they found…

a brand-new Daisy Duck stuffed animal!

Also included in the package was a Tokyo Disney Resort postcard with a handwritten message which read:

“To Donald, who’s been all alone for 30 years,

Here’s Daisy, who’ll be a friend to you from now on.”

The museum hasn’t revealed who sent the package, but the unexpected arrival of Donald’s companion touched the hearts of Japanese Internet users, who’ve left comments such as:

“So happy for you, Donald.”
“What a heartwarming story. To not only think of this idea, but to act on it and actually send the Daisy plushie, is so sweet.”
“In the first photo, it looks like Donald’s mouth is open in surprise.”
“And in the third, it looks like he’s got tears in his eyes.”

We should point out that despite the postcard’s mention of Donald having been “all alone for 30 years,” it’s really only Disney/duck companionship he’s been lacking. Since becoming separated from his original owner, the Donald plushie has been enjoying widespread popularity within the museum’s administration office, regularly rotating among various employees’ desks. The Santa suit he’s wearing in his photos with Daisy is also at least the second set of hand-knit clothes the museum staff has made for him. Still, with Christmas being the most romantic time of year in Japan, we’re sure Donald was happy to have his girlfriend by his side, and it looks like she’ll be taking up residence in the Chido Museum now too.

Source: Twitter/@chido1950 via IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@chido1950