Donald Duck

Our Disney expert explains why Mickey Mouse sounds the same in Japanese as he does in English

There’s more to it than just technique, says our Disney maniac. 

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Disney knows what yokai are, teaches Japanese vocabulary word to Donald Duck【Video】

Kappa and kasa obake are among the creatures menacing Donald and his feathered friends.

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Japanese museum that’s kept child’s lost stuffed animal for 30 years gets adorable new resident

One of the year’s most touching stories gets a very special Christmas episode.

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Japanese museum holds on to child’s lost stuffed animal for 30 years, gives it bath, new clothes

Beyond-kind lost and found corner still hopes it can find original owner.

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Disney’s Donald Duck gets a big surprise over what’s being served at the all-you-can-eat buffet

Nothing could prepare him for this shock à l’orange.

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Too cute! Donald plays with real-life feathered friends at Tokyo Disney 【Photos】

Millions of visitors take photos with their favourite characters at Disney parks every year. In these adorable pictures, though, Donald is posing with a different kind of visitor for once – his own kind!

When some little critters wandered out of their area at Tokyo Disney and onto the road, Donald and friends were at hand to help keep them out of harm’s way, and took the chance to have a little fun while they were at it.

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Ronald McDonald and Donald Duck’s Illegitimate Love Child Discovered in Myanmar

This is the end♪My only friend the end♫

“Yangon… $#@%. I’m still only in Yangon!” Kuzo thought to himself as he awoke in his hotel room in Yangon (aka Rangoon), the largest city in Myanmar (aka Burma). He had been sent on a mission from RocketNews24 to find the fabled spawn of forbidden love between two high ranking mascots – Donald Duck and Ronald McDonald.

Code named Ronald McDonald Duck, it was rumored to be doing small-time rep work for a fast food joint around the city.

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