If you’re a fan of the fashion guru and comedy queen, then you’ll love her live videos!

Naomi Watanabe has been one of Japan’s top fashion icons for years, but after her recent guest appearance in the special Japan season of Netflix’s Queer Eye, and in the border-crossing commercials for SK-II’s Pitera face serum, she’s been getting more and more popular overseas, even scoring the role of Kate Spade’s first ever Japanese brand ambassador.

Yet through all her international success, she remains ever beloved by her Japanese fans. She’s so popular, in fact, that fans requested that she not only have a live forum on Instagram, but also on YouTube, so in March Watanabe founded her new channel, NAOMI CLUB. Since then she’s done multiple live streams per week in which she eats, sings, puts on makeup, and talks to celebrity friends over video chat.

▼ Her first video, in which she started her YouTube live while also doing an Instagram live

While it may sound kind of silly to watch a Japanese celebrity eat dinner, nothing is boring with Naomi Watanabe. And as fans have seen, there are many adorable, endearing, and hilarious moments, like when her rice cooker’s notification song starts playing while she was in the middle of saying something, and she does a silly little jig to the tune.

What’s also great about it is that we get to see Naomi in her purest form; at home, with no makeup on, enjoying life and sharing it with her followers. But we also love watching her put makeup on! You can learn what kinds of products she uses and how she applies them, which beauty fans will love.

▼ In this video she even asked her fans which colors she should use!

She also has special guests “visit” via video chat, which is always fun! Here she is “visited” by singer Gen Hoshino, and she tries to sing one of his songs, but it ends with them both bursting into laughter.


Japanese fans are loving the down-to-earth, goofy conversations she has, whether they’re with her guests, her followers, or herself:

“Her reactions are so like her, but I also think her makeup-free face is naturally beautiful!”
“I just want to say that I want to live with her”
“I want to live like she does.”
“It’s so funny how she always blames her burps on ghosts”
“She makes me smile so much! I love her!”
“This makes me so happy!”

So if you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, try watching some of her videos! Even if you can’t keep up with her rapid Japanese, you’ll end up laughing just because of her infectious, positive nature.

Source: YouTube/NAOMI CLUB, Twitter/@hiroki_vhp via Hachima Kiko
Top image: YouTube/NAOMI CLUB
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