Why use a regular old canvas when you can recreate masterpieces on your own face?

We’re all aware of the morphing powers of makeup, and contemporary makeup artists have harnessed this power to turn their faces into works of pure art, like this girl who turned her face into a terrifying void.

At first glance, Instagram user @yuyamika7’s account may look like a place where she simply uploads photos of celebrities and famous artworks. You may be surprised to learn that not only is this the work of cosmetics, but that it’s all done by (and on) the same person.

@yuyamika7 (or He Yuhong) is a Chinese beauty blogger whose efforts skyrocketed her to fame when she uploaded a photo and video of her almost uncomfortably convincing Mona Lisa makeup. With only 45 posts on her Instagram to date, she’s managed to rack up almost 600,000 followers.

▼ She’s even got the famous smile down!

Besides replications of oil paintings such as Mona Lisa and Girl with a Pearl Earring, she also imitates the looks of both classic and contemporary celebrities. People have complimented her on her ability to express different personalities as well as execute such technical cosmetic work.

▼ This is a pretty convincing Marilyn Monroe, wouldn’t you say?

She also uploads videos on YouTube where she shows a sped-up process of applying makeup for a project.

▼ Here’s one she made for her Harley Quinn makeup.

The Internet is in awe of her contouring and coloring skills, with some even accusing her of using apps that can “transform you into someone else.”

▼ With a Taylor Swift as stunning as this, we can’t help but wonder what her next project will be.

If Hu Yuhong can make herself look like this, just imagine what she could do to Mr. Sato, who already looks stunning as a Japanese host.

Sources: Instagram/@yuyamika7, Oddity Central
Featured image: Instagram/@yuyamika7
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