Get ready to set sail on the high seas looking your best with the Shu Uemura x One Piece collaboration

Raise your pirate bounty and look fabulous doing it!

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YouTuber’s mock makeup tutorial video is addictive without containing any real footage!

This makeup video has Internet users hooked, but it doesn’t contain a single real-life image — because it’s made entirely with stop-motion animation

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Win Cardcaptor Sakura cosmetics in the Bandai Spirits lottery!

Bandai Spirits will make you spend all of your money to win these Cardcaptor Sakura goods.

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Shiseido promises confidence for the lovelorn with their spellbinding new makeup ad【Video】

This new commercial stars Halloween costumes, luscious visuals, lipstick that dances and leaps from your face… plus a sweet, inclusive ending.

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Eight beauty products recommended by Japanese Twitter for a great “au natural” look

Japanese netizens recommend these products if you prefer a lighter make-up style.

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Studio in Osaka lets you get photos taken as legendary samurai warlord Audrey Hepburn

Because geisha and warriors are passé, we went to a photo shoot to look like figures of Hollywood’s golden age.

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The power of makeup shows a daring transformation【Video】

Why worry about surgery scars when you can just make(up) your worries away?

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In Japan, skip the makeup counter and head to the convenience store for these 5 great cosmetics

Here are five of the best, high quality cosmetics that line the shelves at Japanese convenience stores, according to one of our Japanese reporters.

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New Sailor Moon eyeliner gives you magical girl eyes with just a wave of your moon stick

Say, “Moon Prism Power, make up!” for a flawless finish with Moon Romance’s ever-growing line of Sailor Moon beauty products, including their all-new eyeliner collection.

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Popular impersonator and makeup magician shows off his Miss Universe makeovers

Filipino impersonator Paolo Ballesteros works his make-up magic yet again, this time transforming himself into the ladies of Miss Universe.

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CL from 2ne1 outshined by mystery guest appearance in recent Instragram photo

Since their debut in 2009, 2ne1 has been an unstoppable force on the Korean pop music scene. Not only have the members found phenomenal success as a group, but three out of 2ne1’s four members have gone on to have active solo careers as well.

For vocalist CL, 2015 has been an especially busy year, and just last week Rolling Stone named her “One of 10 people you need to know”. But despite this, in a recent photo taken of her and someone else, for some reason CL wasn’t the one getting all of the attention.

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Video showing the power of well-done make-up garners amusement and amazement around the world

We’ve seen before how well-done make-up can be used to drastically alter a person’s appearance, which, we suppose, is kind of the point. That said, many people (probably mostly guys who don’t wear much make-up themselves) are still fascinated by its transformative powers.

And even if you’re an experienced make-up artist, you may still find this simple video of a Korean woman removing half her make-up a fun exercise in perception.

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Beauty Tip: See how to get instant double eyelids【Video】

Who doesn’t want to look as good as possible — and if a little bit of make-up helps, so much the better, right? Well, the staff at our sister site Pouch found an interesting video from what appears to be a Korean TV program containing some potentially useful beauty tips. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s that women, regardless of age and nationality, are always up for some beauty advice, especially if it doesn’t involve surgery or some other drastic measure (like having a bunch of snails crawl over your face), which is why we thought we’d share this with you. In this case, the video offers advice on how to achieve a double eyelid look using just make-up. So, let’s see how effective the make-up technique is.

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Forget makeup or plastic surgery! This product is guaranteed to make you beautiful in an instant

For many women, the act of putting on makeup gives them the opportunity to enhance their natural features and make themselves look more attractive. For anyone short on time, though, busting out the makeup kit before heading to work or out to meet friends can also be rather bothersome. With this in mind, reporter Anji, over at our sister site Pouch, did a bit of research to see if the process could be made any easier. What she found was a product called “Uniface” which is a mask that is designed to look exactly like a woman’s beautifully made-up face. Well, that’s the idea anyway…

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Moon crystal power make-Up! Bandai releases shimmering Sailor Moon beauty powder

Ever wanted Sailor Moon‘s Crystal Star transformation brooch for yourself, but figured you were too old for kids’ toys? Well now you have the perfect cover, with the new makeup line from Bandai!

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[Perfect for Halloween] Make Your Own Gaping Flesh Wound Without Wounding Yourself!

With Halloween just around the corner many people are looking around for those finishing touches on their costumes.  And what better accoutrement to your costume is there than an open sore or gaping wound?

However, store bought injuries can be cumbersome and might not look the way you want.  And while injuring yourself with a butcher’s knife is an economically sound idea it could seriously hamper your day to day activities.

So let us show you a safe way to make your own realistic wounds using ordinary household items! Just follow our multimedia guide on wounding yourself and get yourself some markers and glue.

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Here’s to your beautiful Pokemon Eyes! These anime-inspired eye make-up designs are dazzling!

Do you have a favorite comic or anime that you hold dear to you heart? Well, you may not want to express your love for your favorite anime character in a way as permanent as a tattoo, or in a more extreme case, subdermal implants, but wearing anime-inspired make-up that you can wash away sounds like it could be fun doesn’t it? (More importantly, it’s not irreversible!) And as you can see from these Pokemon eye make-up designs, anime themed make-up doesn’t have to look nerdy at all; in fact, the make-up in these pictures look quite striking! Read More