From the wig to the makeup and even the elaborate costume, these eye-opening video tutorials will help improve any type of cosplay.

Alyson Tabbitha has been getting a lot of attention recently for her awesome cosplay portfolio, which includes a number of badass character transformations. While she’s recreated several male movie leads like Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow, it’s her Lightning cosplay from Final Fantasy that’s really blowing people away, with media in Japan even picking up on her awesome character look. Luckily for us, Tabitha has been kind enough to share her tips behind the creative process, and with so much attention to detail given to all of the separate components, her handy ideas are bound to improve any type of character cosplay!

▼ First, let’s look at the how-to behind the awesome makeup application.

In the makeup tutorial, Alyson pays a lot of attention to highlighting and shading the eyes to really help her look like an animated game character.


▼ The makeup helps to accentuate her eyes even further once those awesome contact lenses are put in.


▼ And when applying the wig, she shows how to keep the strands of hair close to her face with eyelash glue for a professional result.


▼ Next, Alyson shares all the tiny details that go into creating Lightning’s costume.

The costume was made using clothes purchased from a thrift store, with everything costing under US$15 in total. The main items for the outfit include a long-sleeve turtleneck, a white vest, and a pair of green pants.


▼ During the video, the crafty cosplayer shares her tips for creating gloves and custom-made boots…



▼ And even the details behind armbands and metal pieces like buckles.


▼ Diehard fans can also download the pattern she used to make the character’s distinctive pauldron!

▼ Finally, the last tutorial shows how to complete the look with a customised wig.

Looking at character reference photos, Alyson clips the long wig while wearing it, and styles it with a straightener and blow-dryer to get the best result.

▼ Then, whisps of hair are kept in place with hot glue to complete the overall look, before it gets dyed with acrylic craft paints.


▼ Finally, the bangs are styled with craft glue to give it a spiky finish.


These videos show just how much work can go into creating an impressive cosplay character. While the end result can be glamorous, there’re hours of messy, hands-on painting and intricate sewing involved in the process, along with a whole lot of planning and careful attention to detail. Still, it’s the heart and soul that goes into the work that makes this type of homage the most perfect act of love and dedication to your favourite character!

Source: Net Lab
Top image: YouTube/Alyson Tabbitha
Insert images: YouTube/Alyson Tabbitha (1, 2, 3)