”I thought she was into me” he says after gesture that in no way means that.

Last December, a woman in her 30s was walking home in the Funabori neighborhood of Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward. As she was making her way along the sidewalk, though, a man was walking toward her in the opposite direction.

As they got closer to one another, it became apparent that they needed to step around each other in order to get by, but they both moved in the same direction. Usually, when this sort of thing happens most people laugh nervously, try to move back the opposite way, and if that doesn’t work, stay where they are and say “After you.” However, according to the police, the man, a 30-year-old Chinese national and Japanese resident named Li Kaiho, pulled the woman to the ground, straddled her, and began kissing her.

▼ Li, being taken into custody

Following an investigation, Li was arrested this week. When questioned about the incident, he said that since the woman had moved in the same direction as he had, “I thought she was into me.”

That’s some pretty shaky logic from which to conclude someone is attracted to you, and even if it were a case of attraction-at-first-sight, that would still be pretty flimsy justification for forcefully initiating a prone-position public make-out session. It’s likely that Li got an unwarranted confidence boost from the fact that he was drunk at the time.

Li has only admitted to some of the allegations, saying “I remember kissing her, but I don’t remember anything else,” implicitly denying pulling the woman to the ground or straddling her, though it’s not clear if he’s claiming that he kissed her while they were both standing, or insinuating that she somehow ended up flat on the ground without any coercion from him, and he simply decided to start kissing her then. However, while “All I remember is kissing you” is a romantic sentiment in consensual circumstances, in this case it’s still enough for Li to remain in police custody.

Source: Livedoor News/Tele Asa News via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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