That’s one way to package things, we guess.

Since we saw a preview of Pokemon Detective Pikachu last November, we’ve been falling more and more in love with the CG version of one of our favorite 2-D characters. When the movie came out, It was every bit as good as we’d hoped, as you can read in our review, so we’re not at all surprised that everyone wants some Detective Pikachu merch, which differs slightly from the traditional Pikachu goods.

When Twitter user @bauerpower ordered a Detective Pikachu plush online, she probably expected it to come in the traditional cardboard box with some bubble wrap or inflated plastic bags to cushion the package’s contents. But when she received the ordered item, she was fairly surprised.

▼ It looks exactly like Detective Pikachu…on a diet.

Detective Pikachu came delivered in a package with all of the air vacuumed out of it, altering its initial appearance in a sort of grotesque and painful-looking way. The Internet had a laugh about it and made their own comments and comparisons.

“Vacuum sealed for extra freshness!”
“I thought it was Mimikyu at first glance!”
“Looks strange, but reduces shipping costs & bulk, but also prevents infestation from home owner joys like bed bugs, stink bugs, roaches, fleas etc.”

▼ The cheese looks more comfortable than the plush, in our opinion.

What we found even more hilarious was the follow-up video that showed the “unflattening” of Detective Pikachu.

▼ Some assembly required, apparently.

After a bit of massaging and brushing here and there, however, Detective Pikachu ended up looking pretty good.

▼ Ah, yes, now he has truly become 3D.

If this is what a small Detective Pikachu looks like with all of the oxygen sucked out of it, we shudder to imagine what the life-sized Pikachu plush would look like in a vac pac.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@bauerpower
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